Sunset at Desert Mountain

Oil Original – 54″ x 67″

“Lauren and I had a great time taking pictures from every spot on my patio to get just the right view.  We waited for the right time of day and then she climbed over the pool, over cactus and perched on the wall, taking pictures to get just the view we wanted!!  Then we measured the niche with ladder, paper, tape and pencils!!  It had to fit just perfectly!  We combed through her slides of sunsets together as I picked out the ones I liked best and chose the colors to emphasize.

The result is just what I wanted … the beautiful sky and mountains from my patio in the early evening with the saguaro in the foreground.  With the overhead lighting on a dimmer switch, I am able to change the light on the picture from morning to evening.  It is a show stopper!!”

J. R., Desert Mountain, Arizona

Also pictured “Moonlight Cereus II.”