Oak Creek II

Oil on Linen – 63 x 42

Custom Framed Size:  72 x 51

K. and M. Frey

I met with the Freys months before their big Scottsdale home remodeling project was due to get underway.  My website was recommended by a designer they were working with and when they saw my painting, they called and asked if I could visit their home with “Oak Creek II” to see how it would look displayed above their fireplace.  They decided it was perfect for them.  I agreed to store the painting at my home during the remodeling.

After the huge home renovation was completed, we delivered their painting and it was installed.  The stone facing of the fireplace was designed especially to complement my painting.  Melanie said, “Lauren! It’s up!  I’m just elated!  It’s stunningly gorgeous and I couldn’t be happier.  Thank you for your amazing expertise!”

I am thrilled and very happy my painting has found a home with such special, appreciative owners.  What a beautiful setting “Oak Creek II” now has!