Nature’s Majesty

Oil Originals – Triptych
60″ x 36″ x 2.5″ / 60″ x 36″ x 2.5″

“Lauren and I have been friends for over 10 years, when I purchased the first of several of her works.  So when my husband and I moved into our new home and were faced with a dilemma of what to hang in the three art niches in our family room, our thoughts went immediately to Lauren and asking her to create something beautiful and unique.  We met at the Cottonwood Art Festival in Dallas and discussed plans for incorporating the deep blues in our decor into a magnificent skyscape.

After returning home, I concentrated on taking photos of the niches.  That task proved to be more difficult than anticipated due to the large chandelier hanging in the center of the room which managed to obstruct every photo angle.  Along with William’s assistance and expertise, an unobstructed view was created to show how the paintings might appear hanging in the room.

As the work progressed, we thoroughly enjoyed seeing our masterpiece unfold in the photos we received from Lauren.  She shared her expert advice and happily accommodated our preferences in her work.  Standing and admiring the beauty of the finished project, it suddenly occurred to us that if the niches had been windows, that is exactly the view we would have had of an evening Texas sunset!”

Terry and Sue Overstreet – League City, TX