Lakeview Sunset

Oil Originals – Diptych – 15″ x 60″ / 25″ x 60″

“When we started our remodel, being people who appreciate keeping our home simple, we said over and over to each other that what is in our home should be useful, beautiful or both. Consequently, we have taken great joy and a significant amount of care and time to add pieces of art that we know we will love for the rest of our lives. “Lakeview Sunset” is an incredibly beautiful painting that we do and will treasure. When we first purchased it, our intent was to place it on a large empty wall in our bedroom…but as soon as we hung it there we realized it was too beautiful to only be seen by us! So, we changed things around and moved your painting to our front entry. Now everyone that enters our home, gets the treat of seeing “Lakeview”.

Interestingly, for years we have shied away from paintings that feature water closely enough to convey its motion. Capturing the sense of motion in large water and not creating an artificial scene must be one of the most difficult accomplishments in the art world, because it rarely happens. Your brush captured the sense of motion in a beautiful and realistic way. We are so grateful!”

Steve and Shari – Seattle, Washington